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The World’s First Green Natural Blue 

Our product

Synergia Biotech produces phycocyanin, one of the only blue pigments available from nature.

Phycocyanin (colloquially called Spirulina-blue) is a completely natural blue pigment that can safely replace artificial colour additives.  But phycocyanin offers much more than a vibrant blue hue, it also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and an immune-enhancement function.

Why are blue food and beverage items on the rise? Eye catching, unique and novel food experiences are popular on social media and nothing stands out more than blue, the most popular colour worldwide and the colour of one third of the world’s branding images. Rising consumer interest in health means that phycocyanin, a health-amplifying, natural blue is in hot demand.  

Synergia Biotech’s all-natural blue is not only healthy but environmentally friendly too. For every ton of phycocyanin we sell, ten tons of CO2 emissions are mitigated.


What are the benefits of phycocyanin ?

Phycocyanin is a Natural Colorant that appears as a 'Brilliant Blue'. It can be used as a natural colourant for food and beverage.

Phycocyanin is a nutritious extract that promotes healthy ageing.

Phycocyanin helps maintain a healthy blood-lipid profile like HDL and offers liver and kidney protection.


is rich in phytonutrients
to help support healthy digestion.

Our process

Key innovations for sustainable, scalable and cost-effective phycocyanin production.



Cultivation of cyanobacteria using carbon dioxide sourced from clean air.


Harvesting involves an effective and energy efficient concentration process. 


Separation via an environmentally friendly, solvent-free bioprocess that passively releases phycocyanin.

Learn more about the benefits of Phycocyanin.
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