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Synergia Biotech is a clean technology that produces an all-natural, vibrant blue pigment.

Our venture values the environment and our planet’s future. By capturing carbon from the air, our process efficiently mitigates CO2 emissions while producing food-safe, healthy alternative to artificial blue. 


Colour greatly affects the market value of food products and consumers are increasingly aware of the potential health risks associated to synthetic colours (allergenicity, toxicity, carcinogenicity, links to hyper activity in children). Colours sourced from nature are thus highly sought-after in industry. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and removal of CO2 from the atmosphere are of critical importance to the environment.


Synergia Biotech sits at the juncture of these two global necessities to create highly marketable pure phycocyanin that can be used as a natural, vibrant blue dye in industry.


Our name ‘Synergia’ comes from Modern Latin and Greek version of the word ‘synergy’ meaning cooperation and a working together. Our technology relies on natural populations of microbes (cyanobacteria) that cooperate to convert sunlight and CO2 into biomass. The biomass gets broken down by a microbial process to release the valuable, natural blue pigment.

Angela Kouris

Our Shareholders

Our Team

Blending years of scientific research and innovation with commercialization prowess and expertise.

Angela Kouris

CEO & Co-Founder

PhD Biological Sciences

A galvanizing force between team members, stakeholders and mentors, Angela Kouris draws on over fifteen years of collaborative international work and research experience to actualize Synergia Biotech’s technology commercialization.

Agasteswar Vadlamani

CTO & Co-Founder

PhD Bioengineering
and Biomedical Engineering


Agasteswar Vadlamani is a biomedical engineer with a background in scaling up algal growth systems.  

Christine Sharp


PhD Environmental Microbiology​

Christine Sharp is a scientist, innovator, and adventurer. She specializes in identifying, developing, and

managing strategic partnerships between industry and academia.

Marc Strous


PhD Chemical Engineering

Marc Strous is a groundbreaking scientist and fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He has experience with innovation and commercialization of biotechnology, already leading to tons/day of CO2 emission reductions worldwide. At the University of Calgary, he mentors a new generation of leaders in science and business for success."

Ben Lightburn, is an investor in and advisor
to startup companies, specializing in
early-stage technology companies in the clean-tech and food ingredient industries. Previously he was the CEO of Mazza Innovation, which was sold to Sensient Technologies in 2018. 

Benjamin Lightburn

Business Strategist 


Pilot Plant Operations & Development

William Richardson

Research Associate, University of Calgary

Marianne Haines

PhD Candidate,
University of Calgary 

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