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Synergia Biotech’s technology is backed by years of cutting-edge scientific research in ecology, microbiology and engineering. Blue is one of the rarest colours found in nature and phycocyanin has emerged as the most viable source to replace chemical and synthetic versions in industry. From removing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to recycling nutrients and water in our system, Synergia Biotech is poised to be a global leader in climate positive technology.

Pure, clean, natural blue

Synergia Biotech is a CLEAN technology company that has created the world’s only ‘green’ natural blue. Our climate friendly blue pigment (phycocyanin) comes from cyanobacteria grown in Canada using our energy efficient and innovative bioprocess. Our health amplifying natural blue can be used in the food and beverage, health and wellness, and personal care industries.

Are you interested in learning more about Synergia Biotech and our all-natural, BLUE pigment?
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